M2 EEM 1.35m: triumph of the young generation!

  • Saturday 10 July 2021
  • 11:00 AM
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Lending your horse to your girlfriend can be a very good decision. Mathieu Colle did just that: for Chantilly, he decided to lend his good 10-year-old mare, Bekava Hoy (Watch Me*Hoy - Dollar Dela Pierre) to his girlfriend, the talented Laura Klein who won the Prix EEM (1,35 m) on the Arena Château after having already won on Thursday on the Arena Grandes Écuries. This Prix EEM was dominated by French youngsters as Laura (20) beat Eden Leprévost (17), Dylan Ringot (19), Victor Houze (14) and Vera Desutter (15). An all-French junior and cadet quintet to the delight of Christophe Ameeuw, whose aim is to promote the younger generation.