See you on June 14 for the virtual press conference starting at 5pm live from the spectacular Great Stables’ dome at the Château de Chantilly!

  • Thursday 03 June 2021
  • 12:00 PM
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The virtual press conference will take place at the Great Stables’ dome at the Château de Chantilly. Kamel Boudra will be joined by Christophe Ameeuw, the Founder and President of EEM. Together, they will speak with renowned guests who will reveal the highlights of the Masters of Chantilly. On the program: the course designer, 5* riders, content creators and equestrian artists.

To follow the press conference, go to Studforlife.TV and/or Facebook @weridetheworld.                   

React live and ask questions thanks to the Facebook live broadcast on the Masters of Chantilly event page.                   

Or watch this conference thanks to our partner Studforlife on Studforlife.TVV or sign up for our Facebook event